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What Fiber Options Should You Consider?

Purchasing lit fiber service is an excellent option if you have a great local provider. Dark fiber is a very cost-effective, scalable solution, but is not available in all areas. Today, building your own fiber is also an option that can be funded by the FCC E-rate program provided that you can show that it’s the lowest cost option for your district.

Learn more about your fiber options.

Should You Build Your Own Fiber WAN?

This tool helps you decide if you should consider building your own fiber infrastructure to one of your schools instead of purchasing fiber service from a local service provider.

To get started, select a school that you want to connect to the district network by building fiber to it.

If you are looking to build your own fiber infrastructure for Internet Access, please contact us.

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Note: This tool only provides a comparison of relative costs of different fiber solutions. There are other factors that need to be considered when deciding whether self-construction is a good choice for your district, such as your team’s ability to manage a construction project and risk profile. We’d strongly advise that you to take into account all factors before deciding on any particular solution.